We Help Life Insurance Agents...

Work more fulfilling careers

Make bigger profits long term

Help Consumers the Right Way

Finally Break Through The Wall That Every Life Insurance Agent experiences. It's a tough industry to break through and we've cracked the code.

With our simple tweaks and following our 4 step system, the Napkin Method, we can show you how to finally get off the hampster wheel of production and make what you know you should be!


You're a "successful" insurance agent

But You've Hit a Plateau, Always Working, and Can't Seem to Find to Break Through

And that is not your fault! The core coaching programs, and all the big corporate companies, have all taught you how to sell one way... and that was great! ...To get you started. But that IS NOT the way the Top 1% of Life Insurance Producers bring in clients and that IS NOT
what they are selling.

Ready to Get Off the Production Rollercoaster?

We understand that as a life insurance agent, you may be facing a number of struggles that can make it difficult to succeed in your career. These can include:

  • Increased competition: With so many other agents in the industry, it can be hard to stand out and attract new clients without being invasive. This can make it difficult to generate leads and close sales. Agents struggle to talk about what they do for a living in away that attracts the prospect.

  • Difficulty finding new clients: Finding new clients is essential to the success of any life insurance agent. However, with traditional methods of lead generation becoming less effective, it can be challenging to find new clients to grow your business, especially when your current training requires 6-8 meetings per lead to close just one client. Agents typically have an inconsistent stream of referrals.

  • Clients who are not fully informed or not willing to make a purchase: Many clients may not fully understand the benefits of the right kind of life insurance policy or may be hesitant to make a purchase. This can make it difficult to close sales and can be frustrating for agents. Agents are ineffective at attracting high-premium clients.

  • Keeping up with changes in the industry and regulations: The life insurance industry is constantly changing, with new products and regulations being introduced all the time. Keeping up with these changes can be time-consuming and difficult, and can make it hard to stay competitive. Agents today are offered the same software programs for presenting insurance to top prospects that have been used for over 15 years… they require a long, drawn-out sales cycle.

  • Stress: The pressure of finding new clients and closing sales can create a lot of stress for you. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and even burnout.

  • Lack of work-life balance: You may find yourself working long hours and spending a lot of time away from your family and friends. This can lead to strain on personal relationships, divorce, and a lack of time for self-care and relaxation. Agents often meet with a client five to eight times before ever getting an application, which is a huge waste of time and makes it nearly impossible to truly grow their production or spend time on anything other than business.

  • Financial struggles: If you're unable to generate new leads or close sales, you may struggle to earn a steady income. This can create financial stress and uncertainty, which can have a negative impact on your personal and home life.

  • Negative impact on physical health: Stress, lack of work-life balance, and financial struggles can all take a toll on an individual's physical health. This can include poor sleep, weight gain or loss, and decreased energy levels.

Life insurance agents and other financial advisors who want to sell more insurance need help. It can be a confusing and a challenging task to effectively sell this incredible financial tool to their clients. That’s why I created my Agents Of Change system. Not only do I show them how to sell five times more premium, but we also show them how to sell higher premium cases and accomplish this in just about ⅕ of the time with fewer appointments and a better quality of life.

How much could your life change if you had a veteran of the industry in your corner?

Hi, I'm Coach Kelly O'Connor

Nice to meet you! I've been an insurance producer longer than some have been alive, and through that time, I've sucked at a lot of things. It wasn't until a few years through an inner circle think tank that we cracked the code on what it takes to be in the top 10% of Insurance agents.... and it's not what you think!

During my tenure, I've invested more than 6 figures in coaching programs and trainings, spoke on stages across the country teaching my Napkin Method to selling life insurance.

I've now decided its time to share the message with all agents and we are doing that through a mastermind called AGENTS OF CHANGE where we teach agents to become MILLIONAIRE producers!

I Hope to meet you in one of my FREE TRAININGS.

What is Agents Of Change?

  • Six Month Coaching & Personal Consulting inside our mastermind including weekly training and breakout sessions on demand.

  • Access to hundreds of hours of breakthrough content combating myths taught by “thought leaders” like Dave Ramsey and Suzy Orman.

  • The 4 ‘Napkin Method’ Selling Frameworks is guaranteed to shorten your sales cycle and increase your average policy size.

  • Comprehensive Quarterly Goal Setting and Accountability forum events to stay on track.

    Industry Expert Spotlights and training on team building, scaling, operations, finance/accounting, marketing, and more…

  • How to ensure you spend time on meaningful productive things that move the needle forward, and dump everything else so you can free your time to focus on your fitness, family, fun, and foundation.

  • How to speak to a high ticket prospect on the 4th hole of the golf course without sounding like a sleazy insurance agent.

  • How to eliminate shiny object syndrome by understanding that there is no software program or tool that replaces genuine relationships and conversations.

  • How to only work with qualified prospects ready to do business with you, filtering out the rest and saving you time-effort and energy so you can spend time on more important things in life.

  • How to present your products in a way that makes your clients feel like insurance premiums were their idea and something they have to have.

  • How to write $20,000 to $250,000 premium cases with just a few weeks of sales training.

  • How to get your clients to want life insurance which means you never have to use a “needs analysis” again.

  • How to generate predictable referral business by being the “I know a guy” in cocktail conversations.

  • How to annihilate the ‘hustle’ mentality by becoming the authority brand that people are begging to work with.

  • How to position yourself differently in the marketplace so you can open up your own blue ocean.

  • How to produce in a way that turns you into the most attractive version of yourself to your partner/significant other.

Get Off the Roller Coaster Of Insurance Production


Our Program is designed to get you results Fast. Sign up for our FREE TRAINING today to start learning the THREE keys to insurance production and how you can get started TODAY.

  • YOUR EOV - How to talk about what you do without getting your legs cut out from under you, so you can attract High Value customers who are able to invest significantly into the benefits of Life Insurance.

  • THE NAPKIN METHOD - The 4 core illustrations that will have your customers understanding the concept and benefits of life insurance in 15 minutes or less.

  • THE BIRDDOG STRATEGY - A breakthrough spin on an old concept. We can teach you to attract your ideal clients without even trying.

    Apply to Join the AOC mastermind now.

What can I expect after joining AOC?

Once you join AOC, membership benefits go into effect immediately. That includes access to online training, camaraderie opportunities, and much more, including your V.I.P. box that will be sent in the mail shortly. Of course, this also includes our unique, live, coaching program. We are excited to offer this service, which is truly one of a kind. Coach Kelly will get to know you, your agency, and your goals in order to create a development plan that will help you achieve those goals.

What are the requirements to join AOC?

AOC membership is for both independent and captive agents wanting to grow their agencies into profitable, stable income sources without the heavy time commitment burdens taught by traditional sources.

How do I join AOC?

Start by joining us for the webinar, "How to 5x Your Insurance Production in ⅕ the Time" to join AOC. From there, we will have a couple of questions to get some information about you and your agency. Then we will be in touch to complete your application for membership directly with Coach Kelly.

What's going to be covered in the training?

The three keys that will help you simplify the conversation around life insurance sales, understand how to do a killer presentation in less than 45 minutes as an insurance producer, and how creating a reputation will compound your life insurance sales to get you to what we called the 'promised land of production.

Who is Coach Kelly O'Connor?

Coach Kelly is a veteran producer who practices what he preaches and has a mission to bring the information and strategies he utilizes to every life insurance agent so that we can change the conversation about Whole Life Insurance nationwide.

What is Agents of Change?

Of Course! If it’s a fit we will be inviting you into our personal coaching/training program so that you can achieve the same results he has.

Will this be recorded and sent to participants?

No, we want to serve those who invest in themselves and are willing and able to make their schedule work to receive breakthrough training that could change their lives. What's 90 minutes out of your day if you think it could expand your impact?

What is the Big Promise?

How to add 100k to your life insurance income in 6 months or less without spending more on marketing or ads or building a funnel.

What does the first month look like?

Over the first month, our main priority is to workshop the napkin conversations and belief statements so you can utilize the why, how, what, what, how, why, framework, as well as the mountain, the teeter totter, the pie, and the buckets. This will be accomplished through weekly webinar training calls with an open forum format, so that you can ask questions and workshop this together as one. We will also be adding two additional calls each week. One is an accountability/mastermind call just to check in on production and the other is an AMA (ask me anything) format where we can run scenarios and determine the best financial products for your prospects.

What will the schedule be/how much time do I have to commit?

While it’s recommended, we don’t require you to show up on the calls. We will record everything and upload it to your Online Course Members Area.