ATTENTION: I Believe The IRS Tries Real Hard To Take The Fun Out Of Being Successful!

Kelly O’Connor is the owner of Kelly O’Connor Financial (, a modern-day financial strategy company for those who believe the IRS tries really hard to take the fun out of being successful and prefer to investigate the tax-exempt strategies that exist using over-funded life insurance contracts. Kelly is a top producer in the insurance field. 

He’s the founder and creator of The Authentic Broker, a training system for insurance professionals looking to expand their production. He was a co-founder of Mountain Financial, LLC which quickly grew to several offices across the country and became a nationally ranked brokerage. His first program for the insurance industry, Financial Caffeine, is still used today. 

Using his expertise in helping families handle the expense of college, he founded College Money Academy ( after being a highly sought after speaker in the charter school system in the state of Colorado. College Money Academy is the only online, video-based program that teaches parents how to leverage their kid and negotiate with any university in order to reduce the price for college. Following his program when it was time for his first-born child to go to school, Kelly negotiated a price of $3,400 per year for a $27,000 university. He regularly coaches parents how to accomplish similar results…he’s literally kept millions of dollars in family bank/investment accounts through this service (the reason he’s a regular speaker at a variety of financial planning firms.) 

He’s a father of four, step-dad of two and a husband of one amazing woman!

“I love what I do! I get to have a lot of conversations with really good people. All of these people believe what I believe…that the IRS tries really hard to take the fun out of being successful and they do so by creating obstacles. The biggest tax obstacle happens at retirement; however, it’s possible to mitigate those taxes by creating tax-exempt income for retirement; the only kicker, you have to prepare well ahead of that event.”