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COVID-19 and Saving For Retirement

Written by Kelly O'Connor

April 6, 2020

What If You Never Lost Money?

Wouldn’t that put you in a position to take advantage of opportunities that are created AFTER a downturn when everyone else has lost money?


Just 30 days and the coronavirus (COVID-19) changed the world, forever. It’s not bad news or good news…it’s just simply news. But it will be one of two things for Americans:

  1. A bad thing.
  2. A Spectacular opportunity. 

You get to decide which of those two it is for you. Truly, it’s a choice. There are solutions that are time-tested. You either grab the solutions or you don’t. Those who throw aside their preconceived notions of various financial instruments, and allow themselves to focus instead on the benefits they provide, will place themselves in the path of opportunity. 

Let’s test that notion: 

Over-Funded, cash value life insurance and annuities of every variety will be the very best friend of those who want spectacular benefits in times like this. Why is this the case? Because they have answers for zero percent interest rates.They have answers and solutions for the dramatic increase in taxation that must occur. 

These include TAX-EXEMPT strategies regardless of your income stream and regardless of the state you reside in. For those in California, let that run through your brain real slow. They are able to easily replace the lost benefits by showing people more effective and efficient uses of their money. 

Oh it gets better. 

Our government has dedicated an enormous amount of money to be printed. Isn’t this their only strategy to bail everything out that most assuredly have to be bailed out? Inflation to this magnitude destroys the purchasing power of the dollar? 

Did you know, the insurance industry is the only industry that is able to use pennies to buy dollars? Did you know that this also creates effective strategies to actually take advantage of inflation rather than be hurt by it? 

What about the unpredictability we’ve seen over just the past three weeks? What if there were strategies that could actually flatten out this volatility? Would you want to know about it? I like to correlate retirement to descending a mountain. Retirement is the summit.

 Then we have to get all the way back down. Financially, we need our money to last us to life expectancy (i.e. descending the mountain). Won’t these past three weeks make it even harder for those who are paycheck to paycheck to get back down? How can ever grow their money enough to make it last?

 What about those currently IN retirement? Doesn’t this create some danger and now complicate their journey? What if there were strategies that would not only keep you safe but put you in a perfect position to take advantage of these types of events FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? Would that be something people at every income level should at least be given the opportunity to discover?  

One thing for certain…I SURE AS HELL BELIEVE THEY DO! And I’m not going to shut up about it either. It’s time, so get control!

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